Hi, I'm Máté! I'm glad you're on my site. I hope you will be happy too in a few minutes as you find the MC for your wedding.

I didn’t think wedding would be my passion, but I’m happy because I found a job that I’m good at. Queen Wedding Magazine chosen me the most recommended MC of 2020. At every wedding, I strive to make couples 100% able to live one of the most important days of their lives. 

One of my friends asked me for my first wedding in the summer of 2014 because she knew I’m a stand-up comedian and event organizer. I committed and did well. Since then I have worked on more than 100 weddings, there could have been more, but I only undertake as much as I can with sincere enthusiasm.

Who am I?

My name is Máté Kővári. In retrospect, I believe that life has challenged me and given me experiences that have prepared me for this profession. I was a university student when I started standup. Over the years I have been on TV (RTL Klub, Comedy Central), on the radio and contracted with the Dumaszínház. I was, and I am, the only comedian in the country who performed live to 2.5 million people. Stage routine check. ✅ After university I worked as an event organizer and creative on TV programmes. Event management check. ✅ I worked for 4 years at Apple as a trainer. I am currently an organization development manager at Media Markt with 40 employees. People management check. ✅

I’m serious at work, funny in private life. As an MC, I combine these two qualities. I am “controlling” the guests and the service providers with firmness and kindness. I’m spontaneous, I don’t say old jokes. I only make games that I have agreed with the couples in advance.

My credo: The couples have to get the best.

Couples said about me.

Máté was very sympathetic to us the first time we met, and as time passed, He proved worthy of our wedding. Young, well prepared, experienced...
Vanda & Bence
2019. 06. 28.
Máté was helpful... My favorite was the broom game that brought the two families together better. Thank you Máté! ☺️
Orsi & Ricsi
2019. 06. 15.
Máté is cool and a pro. We had a lot of special request for our wedding schedule and he managed to fit everything in. He coordinated...
Móni & Karesz
2019. 10. 19.

Great price value

Many MC's ask for 200-350 thousand HUF. I think it's an exaggeration. I provide high quality at an affordable price.


I provide ongoing online support for couples. You can ask me anytime. I give advice, but the decision is yours.

On the spot

On your wedding day, I am both a director and presenter. I coordinate everything and everyone.

Would you like to work with me?